5 Fluoro-uracil

Detect DPD’s deficiency

5-Fluorouracil is one of the most administrated drugs for the treatment of solid cancers. The use of this drug induces severe toxicities caused mainly by the deficiency of the enzyme dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase (DPD), therefore a pretreatment assessment is necessary.
Alsachim offers you the standards you need for the quantification of dihydrouracil to uracil ratio in plasma and also for a continuous follow-up of 5-fluorouracil doses.

You can order now the standards you require to start your bioanalysis.

Product Name Pack of 1mg Pack of 10mg
Uracil ALC-C7820-01 ALC-C7820-02
[13C,15N2]-Uracil ALC-M150-01 ALC-M150-02
Dihydrouracil ALC-C4687-01 ALC-C4687-02
[13C,15N2,2H4]-Dihydrouracil ALC-C4677-01 ALC-C4677-02
[13C,15N2]-Dihydrouracil ALC-C7849-01 ALC-C7849-02
5-Fluorouracil ALC-C6519-01 ALC-C6519-02
[13C,15N2]-5-Fluorouracil ALC-C2086-01 ALC-C2086-02

All products are delivered with a detailed Certificate of Analysis

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