The detection is now possible

Glyphosate has been used for decades as a powerful herbicide all over the world. Recent studies and laws have made the use of this herbicide controversial and its consequences on human health questionable. The detection and quantification of glyphosate and its main metabolite, the aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA), is now mandatory to ensure the public’s health safety.

Alsachim offers the standards you need for your analysis:

Product Name Pack of 1mg Pack of 10mg
Glyphosate ALC-C6552-01 ALC-C6552-02
[13C3,2H2]-Glyphosate ALC-C338-01 ALC-C338-02
[13C3,15N]-Glyphosate ALC-C339-01 ALC-C339-02
AMPA ALC-C7474-01 ALC-C7474-02
[13C,15N,2H2]-AMPA hydrochloride salt ALC-C4314-01 ALC-C4314-02

All products are delivered with a detailed Certificate of Analysis

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